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Hello world!

Hello world…  Happy woman’s day….

My first post on my new blog… that’s right… I started a new blog.. I wonder how many posts I will write before I completely forget about  the blog  AGAIN .. (YES I did it before .)

so why start a blog anyway?

1) Because I am dead bored and my friend Robyn says “you are bored because you are boring” so.. to prove her wrong.. I am finding something to un-bore me….

2) I am stuck to  a desk for about 10 hours a day (aha yeah I have that kinda job) and  working on a  blog makes me look busy….

3) I am full of myself and believe I have valid thing to say/ write share … thus the name “Riemism” , which is derived from my name Riem Duh…. (in case you’re wondering about the spelling of my name  .. this is because special people have a special way of spelling  their names”  :p

I guess I can go back to work now …..



Comments on: "Hello world!" (6)

  1. I like this,

    my name is spelled MAJID and i don’t care what other people think of it :p

    good luck and wish you all best


  2. Hello Riemism

    Are you a feminist? 🙂

    • well… Ms. Magazine is my all time favorite magazine, I am a fanatic pro-choice …Dr. Amina wadud (who led the mix Friday prayers a few years ago is a role model of mine .. I constantly argue with misogynists .. so to many that makes me a feminist , yet I disagree with most feminist schools of thoughts..plus I dislike labels… so perhaps in theory I a feminist.
      How about you?

      • ok.. so maybe i am not a pro choice “Fanatic” but i totally believe that a woman has the right to choose all matter of her life

  3. Salaam, Riem: Enjoyed reading your posts! It seems we may have been separated at birth. You are definitely not boring and do have plenty of valid things to say, so i hope you will continue to find plenty of free time to add to your blog! 🙂

    • thank you Maggie for visitng my blog.. and thank you for your kind words… its was really nice to read your post early in the morning.. it made my day 🙂 🙂

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