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Women Free Paradise

This is why blogs are a good idea…. They help release words before they explode…. If this would have been an article submitted to a newspaper, as if they would print it anyway, I would have taken the “emotion free “ road and discussed reason, if such thing exists …. (And of course  i would have done more proof reading)

A day after the world celebrates 100 years of Women’s Day,  Alarabiya  news wrote that Dar Al ifta in Egypt prepared a study on reasons why Islam grants men, and not women, the right to divorce their spouses.  According to the study, men, unlike women, can control their emotions and have far more life experience than women!!!! (Yes, this is why we have far more men abusing their wives) Of course, no study on Islamic fiqh will be complete unless a misogynist Hadeeth is present, so today’s hadeeth condemns women who seek divorce without a solid reason (isn’t this contradicting to the Hadeeth that allows women to seek divorce even if her only reason is that she can’t stand her husband ??? Besides, isn’t  the term “solid reason” a very subjective  matter?). In the same line, the article wrote  that the Prophet has “warned” Muslim men from manipulating and abusing divorce… Great, women are banned from entering Paradise and men get away with a warning (and that should be fair how EXACTLY) at the rate Muslim scholars are going….  Paradise will be a women free zone


Day and night we hear how Muslim men have hijacked Islam, but what about Muslim women? It seems they just sit around and let their God-given rights pass them by…

It is articles/ studies like these that make me doubt, even if little, Islam’s greatness… My reason, logic and knowledge on Islamic history don’t always find way to defend my Islam…. 

It’s been said that we live in  man’s world and sometimes it seems that there is no escape from it…

On a brighter note, in Saudi Arabia, a lady was granted a divorce from her husband of 20 years because he took a second wife. According to the marriage contract the wife had added a clause that the marriage is annulled if her hubby took a second wife… and it happened….  And the court recognized it …. Victory?!


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  1. Yes a complete victory. Thank God (Alhamdulilah) for someone’s vision to add that clause into the marriage contract. I urge all…who find such a situation unacceptable…to please add that clause or else not marry that person.

    Thumbs up to that lady…may Allah (swt) bless her with a happy/happier life.

    • Yeeaaay you visited my blog… lol am just being very excited ..
      i hope that lady had money put to the side… or at least a good job.. Someone commented that it was her loss because while her ex ended up with a new wife, 20 years younger i believe, she got out of the marriage empty handed…

  2. Such a “study” has no real advancement of knowledge – it is simply an effort to excuse misogynistic practices. Men can control their emotions? That’s why we see raging and lustful men everywhere! And i’ve read that men are actually more emotionally devastated after a break-up. And what exactly is “life experience”? I’d say if you are living on this earth, you’d qualify as having it! I also find these types of articles depressing, but i’m gradually learning to just take them for what they are – someone’s opinion only. What saddens me is women who will actually view this as truth or non-Muslims who will think it’s Islam.

  3. What exactly is “life experience”? I’d say if you are living on this planet, you have it! “Studies” such as this need to be seen for what they really are – no real attempt to contribute to knowledge or understanding – just another excuse to justify the status quo of cultural practice. All the men nod in agreement; all the women sigh and resign themselves to their natural inferiority. And so it goes on. I think there is plenty of evidence that men are also very emotional, often irrational, creatures and that women are more than capable of making sound decisions. Of course, when women are continually reminded that they are weak and stupid, they will internalize it and act that way. You get what you focus on. Basic psychology. BTW i’ve read that men have a tendancy to be much more emotionally affected by a break up than women. Hmmm – go figure.

    • It makes a lot of sense that men are more emotional but they hide it suppressing their feelings…
      .. they are the weaker sex .. weaker In that they give into temptation quicker. So, instead of fighting the temptation they demand that women “the temptresses” cover from top to bottom.. God forbid they even see a tiny piece of skin!!
      When they finally do acknowledge their weakness they still take it to their advantage! Again, rather than fighting the temptation they blame nature and believe they are justified in their behavior

      My conclusion : men are the same everywhere.. the only difference is that in Europe and the US they are not as free to express their views openly as in the Middle East…

      • no female blog is complete without some rant about the lack of women’s rights in islam; just a thought.

  4. should i have added a “lol” at the end for some light-heartedness good measure? 😛

  5. “at the rate Muslim scholars are going…. Paradise will be a women free zone”

    LoL! :p This is the unfortunate truth. Which reminds me of another Hadith that clearly states that more than half of Hell’s occupants are going to be women. Like you said, Riem, women are supposed to cover from head to toe all for the sake of protecting men from comitting a sin. Question: How is that testing them against temptation?

    Nothing ticks me off more than men twisting religion to his their own benefit or distorting certain Islamic sayings like for example “women are made out of a crooked rib” or “women lack brain and religion”!!

    Oh and I have to add one more thing concerning that last bit you wrote. When I was married off to my ex a long time ago, I asked if I could add a similar clause in my marriage contract in case he ever decided to get a second wife. I was told that that was against our religion “haram” :/

  6. Jen mcswain said:

    I love your blog, ty

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