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When We Lose Ourselves

How does it happen and when? Could we actually know that we have lost something without knowing we possessed it in the first place? If we listen closely to our instincts could it lead us to what we have lost? Should we even bother looking it or just start over again?

As children we have dreams and visions of how our lives will be when we grow up…many of us can’t wait to grow up… but then we do and the magic of being a grown up disappears…

Does it happen that on a day one wakes to notice: I don’t know the person i am looking at in the mirror. Then we spend a life time trying to remember who we were before we became the person in the mirror we don’t recognize.

Is that part of the glory of  being a grown up?

Perhaps we lose ourselves gradually, as a result of cumulative experiences. Then, life turns us into busy creators who don’t have time to journey into the soul and reflex more often . That is until we stumble against the new  and unrecognized us, who is  yet again able to take us through unfamiliar territory . Exhausted,  some  get to that point where we do look around and wonder : where have I gone? Who is this person I am looking at in the  mirror?


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  1. I don’t think I’m losing myself,
    life as a kid was not all sweet, sure I had dreams. but I like myself, and what I became.

    some people I know might not agree with me, but I don’t really care what other people think, as long as I’m happy.

    sometime we have detours in our lives that might make us do things we don’t want, that might make us feel uneasy about ourselves or sometime not recognizing who that person is.

    life is a journey not a destination after all ^.^
    you shouldn’t care about what you see in the mirror, it’s only a reflection.


    • Thanks… but i have no problems with the person in the mirror 🙂 not everything i write is about me… sometimes it a thought that occures to me… a feeling that others might be going through…. this was something i wrote a while go.. and i like it…
      actually i wrote after i heard MJ’s song “Man in the mirror ” a few months back

  2. I think we lose ourselves when we really don’t know who we are in the first place. Then we are easily influenced and just roll along reacting to circumstances, until one day, we suddenly ask ourselves, how did i get here? Of course, growth and change is also part of life, so every once in awhile we have to look in that mirror and define “Who am i today? Have i progressed or regressed? Where do i want to go from here?” Continual self-assessment is always beneficial.

  3. I wrote something similar… but not at the same time… Check it out and let me know what you think. I love the way you think and the way you write.


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