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The Talk

Something in air signaled that “the talk” was about to come up.

And it did.

–         When are we getting married?

–          I don’t know.

–          But I thought you agreed we should get married?

–          Well yeah. One day.

–          When?

–          I don’t know.

–          But I want you to have my babies!!

She grew quiet.

–          Say something.

–          Well… I want to focus on my career. Kids are not on my agenda.

–          What do you mean?

–          I mean I don’t want to have kids!!

–          But I though you loved me?

Again, she was quiet.

–       You do love me. Don’t you?

–       Say something!

–       I don’t know.

–       Is there someone else?

–       I’m sorry. It’s not you. It’s me. One day you will find a girl who will truly love you. Here is your ring back.

He sat down and wept as she walked away.


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