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Salam/ Hi / Hallihallo…

I am multi culti halflie . To be specific, I consider myself a Saudi-German American… or German-Saudi American (not sure yet).

I have a MA in Intercultural conflict Management and a BA in psychology  .. I love to play the devil’s advocate( It offers a different perspective) ..

I am passionate about promoting tolerance and religious dialogue (yes … yes it’s in fashion now…  if only it’s left to those who actually know a thing or two about dialogue and conflict management )

i think i am too smart and too whiny for my own good … and this is my blog… ( I know… this last bit  was very  informative…)


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  1. I agree =) nice blog…

  2. all za best ^.^

  3. hello name-twin!
    We seem to be cut of the same cloth. and the same name. I’m a journalist based in vienna, austria. I am a host of a midday news magazine on an internationally broadcast radio station called FM4 ( http://fm4.orf.at/) or ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FM4 ) I’m half- Egyptian….the whole thing is here if you wanna read about it: http://fm4.orf.at/stories/1601110/
    I like your blog!!!
    Congrats and let me know if you wanna be in touch…I think a(nother) cool Riem on my radio station, would be a good thing!!! We need voices from Saudi and yours ‘sounds’ delightful and smart!
    In any case, best of luck and best greetings from Vienna from a fellow RIEM!!! (PS: Riems ROCK!)

  4. Hallo the other Riem 🙂
    Thank you for passing by and for your kind words…
    I apologize I didn’t get back to you sooner as I was out of town. Love your page and the pictures… You are right, Riem Rocks…
    i’d love to be in touch with you.. Thank you very much for the opportunity … i wanted to send you a private email but couldnt find an address…

  5. Dear Reem,
    I owned a Twitter account with name “Farahat”
    if you interested to buy this account, pls contact me

  6. Marissa said:

    I found your site after reading a few of your comments/reviews on Amazon then looking at your profile. I am supposed to be finishing my Master’s thesis but have now spent so much time reading through your stuff! I just have to say you have a beautiful mind and what you offer is very insightful and personal. Thank you for choosing to share your thoughts through the internet. I hope you keep writing, and I look forward to reading more 🙂

    Marissa from Seattle (via North Carolina)

    • Thank you very much Marrissa,
      That is very kind kind of you and i am really touched by your words.. Hummm, i guess now i should get back to being active again and post more often. 🙂

  7. …Links…

    […]you made running a blog glance[…]…

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